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Reason in Decline
Archers of Loaf
Merge Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 21, 2022
  • Vinyl 1×LP, Limited Edition

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    White w/ Red & Purple Swirl

    • Limited edition
    • Full-colour cardboard inner sleeve
    • Includes digital download card
  • Vinyl 1×LP

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    • Full-colour cardboard inner sleeve
    • Includes digital download card
  • CD

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    • 4-panel gatefold wallet

Reason in Decline, Archers of Loaf’s first studio album since the 1998 release of White Trash Heroes, is no nostalgic, low-impact reboot. When they emerged from North Carolina’s ’90s indie-punk incubator, the Archers’ hurtling, sly, gloriously dissonant roar was a mythologized touchstone of slacker-era refusal. But this new LP is an entirely different noise. In fact, it’s a startling revelation. Guitarists Eric Bachmann and Eric Johnson, once headstrong smartasses inciting a series of artful pileups on the band’s four studio albums and EP, are now a fluidly complementary, sonically advanced unit. Notably, Johnson’s signature trebly lines peal clearly above the din instead of struggling to be heard. Today, singer-songwriter Bachmann’s lyrics balance righteous wrath with a complex tangle of adult perspective. He still spits bile, but it’s less likely to concern scene politics, music trends, or shady record labels thwarting the dreams of a young rock band. Bachmann puts it bluntly: “What I really think about going back to the Archers and doing a new record is that the three other members of this band are awesome. It’s not about responding to the past or whatever our bullshit legacy is. I just wanted to work with these guys because I knew the chemistry we had and that we still have. I knew that was rare.”

All physical formats include a digital download.


  1. Human
  2. Saturation and Light
  3. Screaming Undercover
  4. Mama Was a War Profiteer
  5. Aimee
  6. In the Surface Noise
  7. Breaking Even
  8. Misinformation Age
  9. The Moment You End
  10. War Is Wide Open

Archers of Loaf

Archers of Loaf

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